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Pet Food Recalls

At RuffMutts we pride ourselves on providing your pets with high quality Canadian made pet food. Everything we sell has been fed to our pets or our families pets. We look at the history of the companies that make the pet food before we choose to carry and at what they use for ingredients them >> Read More…

Health Benefits of Raw

Dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds were born to eat a raw food diet. A Perfectly Raw™ diet, rich with protein, vitamins and minerals and other key nutrients, meets all of your dog’s health and nutrition needs, and improves mental, psychological and physical well-being. This means less trips to the vet for your dog, >> Read More…

True Cost of Pet Food

Knowing how much pet food costs is more than looking at the price on the bag, the feeding guidelines are also an important consideration. Here is an easy example:   Brand A and B have the same cups of kibble per bag but Brand A is half the price of Brand B. If Brand A however >> Read More…


“Matting” refers to densely tangled clumps of fur in a pet’s coat.  If a coat is not properly and/or frequently brushed, loose and live hair become embedded in large masses.  Sometimes “mats” can be combed out, but if left too long, it is impossible without seriously harming the animal. Matts can form in both the outer coat >> Read More…

Raw Product Safety and Handling Tips

To make sure you are getting the maximum nutritional value for your pet, and to make sure you are using the product safely, please follow these product handling procedures. Keep Frozen Be sure to put your pet’s food straight in the freezer when you get home. Raw food has the potential to spoil, if allowed >> Read More…

Meat Meal vs Meat

For a dog food, what could contain more protein than whole meat? Well, surprisingly, a quality grade meat meal can actually be a more abundant source of protein than the whole meat from which it was made. Here’s why… Meat meal is a dried end-product of the cooking process known as rendering. Rendering is a lot >> Read More…



  • Barry Piasta

    Barry Piasta


    Perfectly Raw Pro Chicken

    Just wanted to say that I made the switch to Raw about a year ago.Should have done it long ago,I have noticed many improvements in my dogs Charlie and Taffy.First off,there breathe is so much better,the fur is softer and it shines.
    The best change ,that all will appreciate ,less waste,less smell to the waste.In fact,waste is less than half of what it was.
    Also taffy suffered from hot spots and a leaky bladder,both have stopped,Taffy is no longer on medication and has not had a bladder leak since.
    I highly recommend you give raw a try
    Barry Piasta

  • Kate and Marty Niverville

    Kate and Marty Niverville

    Bella's pack


    Satori Lamb and Element 5 Motion Joint Renewal

    We have been bringing Bella (our Bullmastiff) to Ruff Mutts for over three years. Mandy does an exceptional job grooming Bella, and Guy has been very knowledgeable in recommending dog food and nutritional supplements for her.  Bella eats Satori Lamb which has worked well with her allergies, and the Element 5 helped with her arthritis. Prior to putting Bella on the Element 5 she used to limp frequently and in the cold months every day. Now she doesn't limp at all! We couldn't be happier with their services.

    Kate and Marty Niverville

  • Tania and Jeff

    Tania and Jeff

    RuffMutts is a wonderful, local company who provides the convenience of having our dog groomed in town.

    Mandy is a gentle, professional groomer who truly cares for your pet.  She provides a clean, inviting atmosphere to bring your dog to.

    She instantly puts you at ease and lets you know that your pet will be cared for and loved while at their appointment.

    Mandy is accommodating and friendly and makes it easy to trust you pet and family member with her.

    Tania and Jeff


  • Mel


    Perfectly Raw, Purrfect Pro Mix

    I recently adopted two teenage cats, I was constantly vacuuming and cleaning up hair balls.   Once I introduced Purrfect Pro Mix Into their daily diet I've noticed a dramatic change in hair loss as well as virtually no hair balls.   Less waste as well and they love it!! Great food!!!



  • Charlotte Lafleche and Peter Andrusiak

    Happy dog owners

    We have been bringing our two Bichon frisée to Mandy since day one. We love the drive out to Niverville and our hour and a half time spent exploring all that Niverville has to offer, eg: Thrift Store!

    We love that Amada cares for one dog at a time, unlike other places we've tried were we had to leave our dog all day. Mandy is a dog whisper, we have complete faith and trust her judgement and skills. Our dogs are regulars, every 8-12 weeks for a grooming, they may go in looking pretty shaby and come out looking so beautifully groomed and smelling great!  Their tails waging and feeling refreshed. We are most grateful to our dear Mandy and it's always a pleasant experience.

    Charlotte Lafleche and Peter Andrusiak
    Dogs: Bijou and Milou

  • Derek and Tannis Niverville

    Derek and Tannis Niverville

    Owner of Jack

    Smack Raw
    Dehydrated Caribbean Salmon

    Our Jack Loves Smack!
    Derek and Tannis Niverville