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Perfectly Raw 4 Pro Fish Mix


As the name implies, this mix contains 4 different protein sources including Pacific Coast Salmon. This high protein, low fat formula, provides energy, develops bones, teeth, and strong muscles. The Salmon is a good source of omega 3 fatty acids, which supports a healthier immune system and a silkier, more luxurious skin and coat, so your dog can shine inside and out.

Available Sizes:

EZ Snap Pack 4 lbs    $10.70

16 x 2lb Case    $59.99

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Ingredients and Analysis

Ingredients:ground chicken bone in, pacific coast salmon, cooked eggs, pork liver. NO Grain, Corn or Fillers. NO Hormones, Steroids or Preservatives.

Crude Protein 16.62%
Crude Fat 10.51%
Crude Fiber 00.18%
Moisture 67.65%
Dry Matter 32.35%
Ash 04.83%
Calcium 01.48%
Phosphorus 00.82%
Magnesium 00.05%
Potassium 00.17%
Sodium 00.12%
Sodium Chloride 00.30%
Sulphur 00.16%
Copper 02.52%
Iron 33.04%
Manganese 02.08%
Zinc 25.57%
Cobalt 00.00%
Salt, soluble chloride 00.16%
Total Digestible Nutrients 19.34%
Non Fibre Carbohydrates 00.22%
Gross Energy for Dogs(kcal/kg) 1965.70
Metabolized Energy for Dogs (kcal/kg) 1857.00

Feeding Guide

2-3% Average Dogs
4% Active & Pregnant Dogs
6% Performance Dogs, Puppies & Lactating Females

Keep Frozen. Thaw to serve if preferred by your dog.


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