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Perfectly Raw Purrfect Pro Mix


The combination of chicken, pork hearts, liver and eggs create a purrfectly balanced protein and fat meal. Containing smaller, fewer bones allows small animals to get the benefits of bone in easy to chew and digest portions. The pork hearts are rich in taurine – an amino acid beneficial for dogs and essential for your cat’s eyesight, heart health and other benefits.

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An additional 2200 mg of pharmaceutical grade taurine per kg has also been added to compensate for any loss during grinding and freezing.

Purrfect Feeding Size: 4 – 1 lb. Bricks, EZ-Snap into 1/3 lb. pieces.

EZ Snap Pack 4 lbs  $12.87

16 x 2lb Case  $86.99

Ingredients and Analysis

Ingredients: ground chicken necks, double ground chicken bone in, cooked eggs, pork hearts, pork liver, taurine. NO Grain, Corn or Fillers. NO Hormones, Steroids or Preservatives.

Crude Protein 13% MIN
Crude Fat 13% MIN
Crude Fiber 1% MAX
Moisture 71% MAX
Dry Matter 29.43%
Ash 02.89%
Calcium 00.90%
Phosphorus 00.54%
Sulphur 00.20%
Magnesium 00.03%
Potassium 00.14%
Cobalt 00.04%
Copper 17.31%
Salt, soluble chloride 00.09%
Sodium 00.09%
Sodium Chloride 00.24%
Zinc 25.59%
Manganese 01.10%
Iron 36.86%
Total Digestible Nutrients 17.72%
Non Fibre Carbohydrates 00.00%
Gross Energy (kcal/kg) 2039.33
Metabolized Energy (kcal/kg) 1721.59

Feeding Guide

Feeding Guidelines (% of ideal body weight per day):
2-4% Average Adults
4-6% Kittens, puppies, pregnant females
6-8% Lactating Females

Keep Frozen. Thaw to serve.


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