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The Dollars & “Sense” of Pet Food

Knowing how much pet food costs is more than looking at the price on the bag; the feeding guidelines are a key factor in making your buying decision.

Here is an easy example:   Brand A and B have the same cups of kibble per bag, but Brand A is half the price of Brand B. If Brand A however requires twice the amount of kibble based on the feeding guidelines, then the 2 bags are in actuality the same price.

Breaking down how much it costs per day to feed your pet is a valuable tool as it often demonstrates that you can feed your pet better quality food for the same price or even less!!

Below is the formula to determine the daily cost of feeding your dog (based on a lower energy 44lb dog):

Cost of Bag divided by Cups per Bag (there are 4 cups in a lb) = Cost per cup  

Cost of Cup multiplied by the recommended daily serving = Cost per day

Here is an example of a large bag (25lb) of Orijen Dog Food based on a 44lb less active adult dog:

A 25 lb bag of Orijen Original dog food costs $85.99 and has 100 cups of kibble. $85.99/100 = 86 cents per cup

1 1/3 cups per day is the recommended feeding multiply that by the 86cents (cost per cup) and it gives a daily feeding cost of $1.14 per day for a high quality Canadian made pet food that never had a recall.

For dogs of different weights use the feeding recommendations and redo the formula.

You may find that what we carry is actually less expensive and has superior ingredients and quality. Here are some daily costs for other high quality, Canadian made, pet food we carry (again based on a 44lb dog):

Frozen Raw

  • Ground Chicken Backs 32 lb (16X 2) case = $1.24 per day
  • Pro Energy 32lb (16×2) case = $1.51 per day
  • 4 Pro Fish 32lb (16X 2) case = $1.62 per day
  • Lean Chicken Dinner 32lb (16x 2) case = $1.84 per day
  • Turkey Dinner 32lb (16 x 2) case = $1.97 per day
  • Purrfect Pro Mix 32 lb (16 x 2)  = $2.35 per day

Dehydrated Raw (benefits of raw with the convenience of kibble)

  • Smack Chunky Chicken Original 5.5 lb bag = $3.86 per day
  • Smack Rockin Rockfish 5.5 lb bag = $5.45 per day
  • Smack Caribbean Salmon 5.5 lb bag = $5.00 per day
  • Smal Very Berry 5.5 lb Bag = $5.45 per day

Kibble Grain Free

  • Go! Fit & Free 25 lb Bag = $1.48 per day
  • Orijen six fish 25 lb Bag = $1.33 per day
  • Pulsar 25lb bag = $1.26 per day
  • Acana Regionals 25 lb bag = $1.12 per day
  • Taiga 35lb bag – $0.82 per day


  • Acana Classics Prairie Poultry 37.5 lb Bag  = $0.71   per day
  • Canadian Naturals Chicken & Brown Rice 30lb bag = $0.91 per day

Contact us and we will gladly do an exact cost and ingredient comparison to what you feed your dog (we will need cost of bag, cups per bag, your dogs weight and age and daily feeding amount).

Note – Its important to also consider the ingredients, where those ingredients come, the cooking or packaging process and the reputation of the company to get a complete picture of the value of the pet food.

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